Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Late but Well Deserved Thank You

This morning in twitter land, a deployment tip was offered.

Deployment tip of the day: Don't forget about your civilian friends. No, they don't "get" it. But they do love you, and want to help. #SOT

Sometimes I think that civilians think we don't care for their opinions or that we can't be bothered with them or that we think less of them because they have a different lifestyle than us. For me, that's not true. I truly believe we are all cast in our lot of life for different reasons and we all have much to learn through the experiences and paths we are set to travel on. It doesn't make one group better then the other, it just makes us all different.

Throughout our separations because of the military, I have clung to my military friends, but I have also been supported greatly by many of my friends with no military affiliation. In fact, I was often humbled by their support and unconditional love. Looking back, I'm not sure I thanked them enough for their love and support and if I did, it probably wasn't in a fashion that they deserved.

So I want to take the time to tell my many friends and family who loved us, prayed for us and supported us through the last 5 years..but if I'm to be honest, they have been supporting and loving us from the beginning, I just haven't always appreciated it.

There are many names and it is not my intention to leave anyone out or hurt feelings but there are a few names that I want to acknowledge.

The Newman family...they are family. I was so touched that they welcomed me into the family when Kevin and I got married. Their love and support has helped me more then they will probably ever know, the short one or two line emails meant so much more to me than paragraphs sent by people I knew didn't really care.

The Steinke family...they are family too. What can I say, they have humbled me time and time again with their support and their love and their desire to help with any project I asked.

The Morgan family...where would I be without Emma and Rusty...their passion for supporting us cannot be compared. I always knew they would be there should I need anything (even when I plan to go home and fail to do so, they still support and love us).

My Lela and Marlon - words can't express my love...really...blessed by their friendship...words would cheapen...I won't try to explain

My MWS family - they walked nearly every step with me, joy, sadness, I know many shed many tears right along side me. They quickly adopted my family and dubbed Kevin as "their Soldier". Another amazingly humbling experience.

My LDS Moms family...a select few understood as military wives but everyone tried and for that I was grateful, always grateful for their fasts and prayers on our behalf.

There really are so many more, the small notes...the small gifts, the emails and phone at just the right time. The letters and care packages sent to Kevin. The many strangers who have quickly become close friends.

We have truly been humbled by the love and support from all of our friends.

The words thank you don't seem like enough...our hearts are expressing much more gratitude then we could ever write.

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