Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Love Him

I love him. Today, January 16, 2010, my love has been home for 7 months. The longest we have lived together consecutively in over a decade. For real, that's not an exaggeration. During the past 5 years, we always had a deployment looming over us, never were we at a point where we weren't counting towards something. It's refreshing...kind of. Technically Kevin is on standby for Haiti. Or rather, his unit is. But because he is in a school he is required to attend, we're not sure if he would be pulled or not. Regardless, his bags are packed "just in case".

When he first came home and told me he was on standby, my heart kind of deflated. I admit it, it's selfish and there is no excuse but I'm human and the reality is, I'm not ready to send my husband ANYWHERE. Right now the school he is attending keeps him gone all day starting at 0420 until 1800 or so (that's 6:00 pm for my civilian friends). I miss him...yes, I've turned into "that" wife.

But anyway, I love him. I love his smile, his eyes, his touch...everything about him. I'm glad to have him to snuggle up to at night or to laugh at when I catch him doing a silly dance when he thinks no one is looking.

I love that he humors me in so many aspects of my craziness. He lets me take pictures of him sleeping, or nearly having a heart attack touching foam. I know he loves me because today he was being silly and as I was watching him and he caught me, he said "too bad you don't have your camera, you could take a picture". I love him because I know he meant that.

I am blessed, never in my life did I think that I could ever find someone to love me unconditionally. I got that and so much more.

I love you Kevin, with all my heart beyond that. I don't always feel deserving of your love, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.


HellcatBetty said...

Awww, I kinda teared up a little reading this one! You two are so sweet :) I'm so glad you're getting a longer chunk of time together now.

Anonymous said...

This post is so beautiful and I am so happy for you that he is with you. My husband is coming back in 35 no-34 days and while I am dreading some of the issues that come up in the post deployment, he is my best friend and I so desperately want him with me again.
In other words I know how you feel! God bless.

Julie said...

You guys are so cute! That is great he has been home for 7 months now! And don't feel guilty about not wanting him to go to Haiti. They would be doing something great but it is OK to miss him too.