Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eureka! It's been found!

We have had our household goods for over 2 months now. I kept telling Kevin and the boys that we were missing a pillow. We had unpacked all the boxes from the living room and never found it. I KNEW I wasn't crazy. Kevin tried to offer explanations as to why there was more space between pillows like the pillows might have gotten smashed or whatever. I just resigned that it was gone forever. A couple days ago we were looking for a photo album and Kevin opened up the door to an old end table we have and what did we find? The pillow! The movers must have shoved it in there but never bothered to tell us and we never opened it because we "knew" it was empty since everything we had in there from Hood has been found.

This has been the most random packing job in all of our moves, we have found interesting things in interesting places....


AirmanMom said...

kinda like finding $$$ in an old pair of jeans!
A good day!

Bonnie said...

This is good to know, how the Military packs. My son and daughter in-law will be moving on base soon and we have the army (movers) coming to our house soon in the next month. We were told to not have anything packaged up because they have to do inventory. I'm looking forward to their stories as they unpack. It's a very exciting time for both of them to finally have their own place. I always enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up.