Saturday, December 19, 2009

Random Pics 12/19/2009

The kids were excited that it "snowed" last night...all that is gone this morning, lol
Kevin likes to play in the backyard with the chainsaw
Michael's fine gift wrapping skills
I think this picture verifies that my kids are over Santa
Kevin was sooooooo excited about the deer meat our friend Shelle sent him!
Before the ball, I was getting pretty...
Daniel is a Daddy's sidekick, watching him get his awards together for his dress blues
My sign my friend Nita sent me! I love it...
This is how Neil waits for his bus in the mornings, lol
Kevin and the puppies KNOCKED out!


loquita said...

I want that sign too!! :-D

Stinson Family said...

I love that sign. Very nice pictures of your family!