Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Controversial 2

UPDATE added 24 December - Well I suppose this was a waste of time as the policy has been revoked. Read about it HERE, carry on Soldiers
I still believe there needs to be consequence and as a friend mentioned today they might want to also take a look at pregnancies within TRADOC (BCT & AIT).

There has been much debate around the many social media networks I belong to in relation to the Punishment of Pregnant Soldiers, HERE is a link to one of many articles about it.

Let me start off by acknowledging that I do not have the popular opinion and I am really okay with that. That's what makes me proud to live in America, to have served my country by wearing the uniform and by being married to someone that continues to wear the uniform...I can express my opinion whether others agree with me or not.

While I think that this policy has way too many holes in it, I do believe there should be consequence. Too many female Soldiers get over by getting pregnant right before deployment and while in theater. Now before I get totally attacked (again, not that I care) let me say that I know MANY, MANY GREAT female Soldiers who fulfill their obligation while in uniform. I also know there are times when you use protection and things happen before deployment.

This particular commander is talking about Soldiers who fall under him and anyone who gets pregnant while deployed. Here's part of the problem. You allow married couples to live together while deployed (I have strong opinions on that as well, but that's for another time...maybe) and in May 2008, a commander lifted the ban on sex in theater for Single Soldiers. So if they truly want to enforce this, they need to rethink those two areas.

There are many people out there who are crying about women's rights and all that. So I'll entertain that perspective briefly. Females have been fighting so hard to be respected to to make their way through the ranks of the military. Do you think getting knocked up while deployed is going to help that? And maybe those who are getting pregnant don't care, but there are many women in uniform who are busting their butts proving themselves time and time again because of the few who ruin it for everyone. When you sign the dotted line, you agree to obey all orders! It doesn't say, obey whenever you feel like it or when it's convenient or when you're stateside.

When a female gets pregnant in theater, someone has to fill her slot. It affects unit strength and mission. For the many who think that females don't have important jobs because they can't fill the combat jobs, who do you think is cooking, taking care of finances, keeping your paperwork squared away, driving supplies to your FOBs, bringing you your love letters from home, and so many other "trivial" things that make a Soldier complain LOUDLY if they aren't squared away!

The way I see it, it's a matter of self-control. Do we need to revisit the sex education class you had in middle school? It's personal responsibility, if you don't want to face punishment, obey the order. Do I think that this policy will work if it continues...not 100%, people have been having sex in combat zones for decades. Maybe people will stop and think first and practice proper preventative measures, but if they don't, the consequence has already been announced. The policy isn't putting Soldier's career in jeopardy, the individuals actions are.


Julie said...

I think I have some of the same thoughts as you. I was just telling my husband that it is really about self-control.

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