Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Random 411: I'm listening to Amy Grant's version of Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song) while I type this entry. Have you heard it, I love it!

Christmas this year was great! We felt so blessed to have Kevin home this year and not only that, it was so nice to not have a deployment looming over our heads like the other Christmas' he has been home the last few years. (Let me add the disclaimer that I KNOW the Army can change things at a moment's notice, so I know this could change but we don't expect it to, we should be deployment free for at least 2 years!) Oh wow, I started to get sidetracked!

Back to our great Christmas. It was simple. We have been trying hard to keep it simple and remember the reason for CHRISTmas so we do not focus on a lot of presents. The boys got a few things and were VERY happy with what they got. There were no complaints. (The boys don't really complain but I do admit I worry, thought that always proves to be a silly thing to do).

We had a great meal. We decided to do a Mexican dinner for Christmas. We made tamales, brisket, fresh tortillas, beans, rice and red chili. I made a flan and tres leches cake. The flan was not the most beautiful thing since I didn't use the right pan for it but Kevin says it tasted okay. (Flan has the same consistency of jello and most everyone who knows me, knows that I CANNOT stand the texture of jello!)

As I was making the different elements of our dinner, I felt very homesick. I do not get homesick very often. I love my family (parents and brothers) but I have been away from home so long and am so content with my life that I rarely get homesick. This year though, I really wanted to be with my parents. I'm sure it had to do with a difficult situation they are dealing with at the moment. Being so far away has been hard but I have placed this in the Lord's hands and He is providing well at the moment.

We kept things simple and to ourselves and it proved to be what we needed. While Kevin is not deploying any time soon, he does have military schools and some temporary duty he will have to travel for so we will be looking ahead to that.

I feel so blessed, my Soldier returned home this year, I have three amazing boys and two diva-esque puppies who love us. We have a warm home and Santa even brought me a white Christmas. What more can I ask for?

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Jess said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday with your family....

and on the flan stuff.... ewww.... lol... I dont do jello either... unless you count choc pudding... =)