Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Meet Zoe

We added on to our family. The Lord has blessed us with three handsome little boys (which I am totally fine with, love being a boys mama!) so we introduced another girl in our family by way of puppy! Some friends of ours were PCSing to Germany and were worried about how their puppy would handle the unknown of moving overseas. She asked if I knew anyone who would might want a puppy. Kevin and I had talked some about getting Sapper a playmate and this seemed like a good opportunity for that. We brought Zoe home to test things out and she fit right in. We have had her about 3 weeks now and although Sapper was a bit cautious at first, the two are getting along great. Zoe loves sleeping with the boys and loves Kevin. The boys love cuddling with her as she's a bit bigger then Sapper. She fits right in with our family....
Isn't she beautiful??

She loves to snuggle on my lap too..if you look closely you can see Sapper peeking out on the other side.Both love their treats and will do almost anything to get one, lolSapper is still the Diva, lol

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Ohhh she is SO cute!!!! Congrats!!!!