Monday, August 17, 2009


I have wanted to go see Wicked for the longest time EVER, I would love to see on Broadway in New York but for now I am happy I got to see it in Austin. It was so AWESOME. Kevin and I did a date night and went all out. We had dinner at a really awesome restaurant in Austin called trio. It was soooooooooo good (and a bit pricey but worth it). It was funny to watch other people who haven't been in a really nice restaurant, there was a couple of young girls sitting at the table behind us and they were HILARIOUS. Kevin and I had some great steaks and the most delicious desserts.

Wicked itself was amazing...words just can't describe it, you have to go see it. There is a song in there called "For Good". I almost cried because it reminded me of my relationship with my dear friend Nita. (We were supposed to go but she moved :( ) I had a great date with my love and lots of fun!

Now I'm going to read the book.

My dessert, trio of sorbet...yum!
Kevin's dessert, he loved it!Us in front of the Wicked sign.

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J.R. and Michelle said...

What a fun date night!