Sunday, August 02, 2009

Our Scouts

We are so proud of our boys and their desire to work so hard in their Scouting endeavors. Daniel is now officially a Cub Scout and has worked so hard. He has earned his Bobcat and is quite on his way down the Wolf path. He is so cute carrying his book and working towards the next requirement.This is Daniel pinning on my Bobcat Mother's pin at his first Pack Meeting.

Our older two boys have been working hard as well in Boy Scouts. Michael is currently serving as Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and Neil is the Assistant Patrol Leader for his Patrol. Both went to camp this summer and worked hard on merit badges. We recently had their Court of Honor where Neil was presented with Scout and Tenderfoot, he is so close to his Second Class, there is no reason he can't be First Class before we move. Michael is working hard towards his Life, he is currently a Star now. He too should be at his next rank before we move. We are so proud of them, we don't have to push them to do what needs to be done in Scouting.They are so grown....our Boy Scouts.

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