Thursday, July 02, 2009

Lost Pines Boy Scout Camp

Kevin got home in time to attend Boy Scout camp with Neil and Michael. They had a lot of fun. Because Neil is only 11 years old, Kevin had to stay with him so Neil and Kevin got to spend some good quality time together. Michael was the acting Senior Patrol Leader for the week and from what I hear he did a great job. He came home with NO voice, he must have done a lot of yelling (just kidding!). I'm so proud of all three of my boys. They came home dirty and tired. I will have to get on Kevin to see if he will blog about their time. I'll show a few pictures that they came back with.

Daddy's Grizzly Adams look had to go....but check out his mug he received for being the person who traveled the furthest to get to Boy Scout Camp. Kevin won because he came all the way from Iraq which is well over 7,000 miles! He got a mug and a standing ovation!

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