Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome Home Long Knife Advon

Yesterday we went to welcome home our first large group of Soldiers. It was bittersweet since Kevin will pretty much be the last Soldier in his unit to come home. I go to support our Soldiers and my husband but it's so dang hard. I always tell myself I'm going to keep it together but then I fail miserably. I truly am happy to see these Soldiers reunite with their families but it makes me miss my own Soldier that much more. Only 5 more trash days and then I will have my moment! Here's a small glimpse for those who have never had the honor of attending a Welcome Home ceremony. Soldiers saying a prayer (notice the flowers they were given to hand to their wives)This scene made me cry...the little boy wasn't sure if that was his daddy. I just love this pic...look at these young Warriors!

17 seconds of pure pride...check it out!

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Amanda Panda said...

Those pictures make me cry. I am also especially emotional tonight so it didn't take much. lol. You are wonderful to go and support the soldiers at the other homecomings. 5 more trash days. You are getting close! ((hugs))