Sunday, April 19, 2009

The R&R Goodbye

It's amazing how quickly 18 days flies by. Today we said goodbye to our Soldier for a few more weeks. It won't be long now until we have him home for good (about 7 trash days) but each goodbye is hard anyway. I didn't expect to be so emotional but my kids get me every single time. Daniel was already upset a couple days ago but he held it together until this morning.

I never discourage my kids from showing their emotion. I am touched by their tears (although it's hard to watch because I don't want my kids to hurt), they are expressing their love for their daddy. When they don't show emotion, I will worry. We are a close family and when we are separated we are unhappy.

I was good until I saw other Soldiers bidding their farewells to their families. Young kids and emotional wives. What really got me was a little girl about 2 who started screaming for her daddy to come back when he went through security. It tore my heart to pieces to hear her and to watch her mom to try to console her.

Watching Kevin walk away was painful. He'll be home soon but it's never soon enough. It's not like I'm sending him on a business trip. And granted he's in a relatively safe place, he's still in a "combat zone". I worry.

This is our life and we take whatever is handed to us, but we miss our Soldier and I have an ache in my heart. We were complete for 18 days, there was no worry. The anxiety comes back and the loneliness starts. I dread going to my bed and laying alone.

I miss him already...I love you Kevin, 7 trash days...we can do that easy...but it doesn't mean I miss you less.


Shamae said...

Oh Nadine those pics are tear jerkers. Way to look on the bright side with 7 trash days. Hang in there guys. You've got our prayers.

J.R. and Michelle said...

My heart is broken for your family right now. 7 Trash Days..... Do-able.

Moghimi Family said...

Ok, so I didn't expect to cry, but here I am crying like a baby. My heart breaks for your family. Thanks for your sacrifice. I know they are just words, but our family REALLY does appreciate all you (and others like you) do. You are in our prayers.

Like you said, 7 trash days. Doable...not easy...but doable. Give our love to your family!

Mrs. Cinnamon said...

Okay....just look at the pictures of Neal!!! His lips are perfect! I know that sounds crazy....but they're perfect!!! I cried too watching this...must be only 6 trash days by now...I hope!!!