Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Month of the Military Child

Month of the Military Child

Did you know that April is the Month of the Military Child? Well it is. It's a pretty awesome thing. I think of my own three boys and think of all they have had to endure in there short lives. I've watched them shed tears as they have had to bid their daddy goodbye and I have watched them try so hard to contain their excitement that I thought they might burst.

I have held my children in my arms as they have cried because they miss their daddy and there are no words that can console their bruised souls. I have also nearly cried myself as I have watched them express their sense of pride when they tell people that their daddy is a Soldier. I often say that they are our Silent Warriors because so many of them carry on and endure much better then us as adults do. At least that is true of my own kids. They carry this sense of pride that no dictionary can define. You have to see it and feel the spirit behind it to understand. I walk through the halls of the schools my kids attend and I amazed at the things these kids accomplish while their Soldiers are thousands of miles away in harms way.

The things so many of our children have to deal with in their younger years is amazing. The strength they carry while carrying on amazes me. I am in total agreement that they deserve a month dedicated to them, but I also think that they should be honored each and every day.

To our boys, we are so very proud of the strength you show and the example you set for us. We love you.
I made the graphic below because I think it shows the pride somewhat. These pics were taken when Kevin was home on leave last time and the love and pride our boys have for their Daddy can been seen in these pictures.


Shamae said...

Thanks for this information. Very great post. They are Silent Warriors.

WolfleyFamily said...

This is awesome!!