Thursday, April 09, 2009

4th Grade Field Trip

On Tuesday, Kevin, Daniel and I went on a Field Trip with the 4th graders from our school. We don't even have a 4th grader, lol. I've done this field trip with both Michael and Neil and when I was asked if I could help chaperone, I said sure. Kevin tagged along with me and we decided to take Daniel since he won't be here to go when he is in 4th grade.

It was a fun but tiring day.

We started off at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. Usually when I go with a school group it's with one of my own boys so I end up with all boys. This time I ended up with all girls. It was very different. Did you know that 4th grade girls have little attitudes? They do. They weren't too out of control. Kevin is the best when it comes to kids so they were fascinated with him and would hang on every word he said. He told them all these random tidbits. Yeah, when Kevin is around, I don't stand a chance, lol.

The best part is the IMAX movie we get to see. I loved waiting for the kids reactions to the different effects. The best is when the pocket of air makes you feel like a snake is jumping out at you. Even Kevin jumped, it was great!

After the museum, we headed over for a tour of the capitol. We headed over and had lunch on the lawn. We were a bit rushed trying to stay on the time schedule but it was still fun.

Honestly, the tour of the capitol was kind of boring, the lady wasn't that exciting so it was hard to stay focused plus we were all hot. And the capitol was so busy, and people were loud so it was hard to hear. The building itself was very pretty and interesting. We walked up and down a lot of stairs, we got our workout for sure!

After that we went to the visitor's center and that was pretty fun. We got to claim our land and do an interactive quiz. When we came out of the visitor's center, we ran into Mrs. Texas, the kids LOVED that. She was nice enough to sign autographs for all the kids (but wouldn't you know I forgot to give her my card, lol). We did get a picture however.

Overall it was a great day, we were all so tired, Kevin was the only person who fell asleep on the way back, lol.

Two pics Kevin took before one of the security guards approached him and told him not to take anymore in the museum. Kevin said he was kind of scared, lolDaniel and Kevin enjoying their lunch on the lawn of the capitol.The capitol buildingInside the capitol, the things that look like stars spell TexasKevin and Daniel being silly in the basement of the capitolThey had all these cool dress up clothes that Daniel would not humor me withUs with Mrs. Texas
In honor of our Disabled American Vets
Shhhhhh, Kevin is's hard work hanging out with 4th graders!


Dana said...

The cool part of the Capitol Building is the ghost stories (not all of the guides will tell the stories) and the fact that if you stand exactly under the dome, there is a weird echo...

Stacey said...

lol, love the sleeping husband