Wednesday, April 15, 2009

11:06, maybe 11:07, but usually 11:06

Since Kevin has been home on leave, Daniel (and he says his teacher) has wanted Kevin to go in and have lunch with him. He asks him all the time when is he going to come in. Since we are running out time on Kev's leave, he has decided to go in today. This morning when Kevin told Daniel he would be coming to have lunch with him, he was very excited. Kevin asked him what time he went to lunch.

Daniel says very seriously "11:06 dad, but sometimes it's 11:07 and sometimes 11:08 but usually it's 11:06, maybe you should come early". That kid is so darn cute.

Daniel loves his daddy. When he's around I get ignored (any other mom experience that?)This is a pic of Daniel from when we went camping, he looks up at me and there something on my lip?? Crazy baby!


Shamae said...

Oh my gosh that is so funny!! I remember being in school and having those funny times. lol I hope Kevin got there a bit early. ha ha ha Thanks for the laugh!

J.R. and Michelle said...

That is funny! Hope he wasn't a minute late, and missed lunch! I bet at 11:05 he couldn't keep his eyes off the door watching for his dad.