Friday, March 06, 2009

S'more Ghetto Fun

So some of our faithful readers may recall a time around October or so that we were invited to our friend's home for some S'more's. If you need a refresher feel free to click here. Well once again we were invited and even promised a much better experience this go round. The boys and I headed over excited for some sticky fun.

Well the marshmallows weren't sticky. And we had some yummy chocolate. However, the fire didn't seem to want to participate. For the longest time we just kind of heated and toasted our marshmallows. Eventually the gas grill was turned on and we got roasting done. After everyone was pretty much done with the S'Mores we got a few flames going. Overall we still had fun and had some good laughs. One day we'll get the S'mores right...someday.

The smokey pitPlan B
J banished to the fence for some smart remarkAha! Finally a flame after we were all done

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FIreball said...

ROFLMBO!! 3rd times a charm right??? I guess we'll have to see. At least I UPGRADED the chocolate! LOL

S - Study
M - Mark
O - Obey
R - Re-read
E - Excited
S - Share