Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Michael's 13th Birthday

I reflect on my oldest. I'm amazed at how much he has grown over the past year. He went from child to young man. He has young girls interested in him. He seems so grown. I read things that he writes and I wonder where my little boy has gone. You know, I remember how I wanted to protect him and save him from the world. I realize as he gets older I try harder. Realizing that he could venture from the nest in just 5 years is terrifying. The world is so scary these days, I can't imagine what it is going to be like when he ventures out on his own.

Michael is goodness. He is such a beautiful spirit. He's great with kids. He is my giggle monster. Sometimes I just say silly things to make him giggle. I love it. He still kisses me and hugs me. He's not ashamed...yet.

I want to allow him to spread his wings yet keep him close enough to protect him.

Happy 13th Birthday Michael, we love you!

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Moghimi Family said...

Happy Birthday Michael!!!!

Sometimes I watch our little Addy and think about when she will be a "teenager." One one hand I am anxious to see what she will be like. On the other hand, my heart already hurts at the thought of her not needing me in the ways she does now. *sigh*

Remember, the next 5 years are VERY important and are the ones he will remember the most. You still have lots of time with your "little boy."