Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nay's Goals for 2009

I'm not a resolutions type girl but I have pondered what I want to achieve this year. I have some lofty goals but after pondering them for a couple weeks I know I have the passion and motivation to do MOST of them (I might need a gentle push for some of them, lol).

In no particular order.
  • Run/Walk (more focus on the run) at least 2 5K's this year
  • Work on 4 service projects, at least two being something in regards to Supporting Our Troops
  • Write 100 letters to Soldiers who are deployed (this does not include any Soldier in Kevin's unit or friends of ours, though I will write them anyway)
  • Read a minimum of 6 chapter books with my boys (recommendations welcome!)
  • Sing a solo in front of a group of people (I used to be able to and have somewhere lost that confidence)
  • Do gospel study with Kevin on a regular basis utilizing the great technology we have access to (you on board with this honey?)
  • Write at least two handwritten letters a month to friends.
  • Focus more on my personal scripture study and family scripture study
So that is my list that I have come up with. I know I can do it and have already started on some of it. I figure if I post it online for others to read it will hold me accountable, right?

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