Friday, January 16, 2009

The Library

Today the boys and I headed over the public library to finish up one of the requirements Neil needs for his Webelos badge. I admit I don't visit the library as often as I could because I'm lazy. I'd rather just buy the book instead of worrying about turning books back in. But I'm glad we went and did this, the boys are excited about going back and checking out books, DVDs and CDs. I had a good time walking through the library and showing the boys all the books I enjoyed at their ages. We are a family of readers so the library should (and after today will) be a place we visit often.

I will say this though, the employees were not as friendly as I remember mine being as a kid. Neil was very courteous when he approached them and said "Hi, my name is Neil and I am working on my Webelos Badge for Cub Scouts. Can you please explain to me how you catalog your books?" The lady seriously just looked at him like he had asked her the craziest question. I thought maybe she didn't hear him, so I repeated what he said and she looked at me the same way. Finally another lady came over and asked if we needed help. Neil repeated his question and she was very helpful. We had a good time venturing around the library. Michael wants to participate in the Teens After Hours (I am in denial that he will be an official teen in a couple short months!).

So yeah...we are living large, we have a library card, are you cool like us?


Bringhurst Family said...

Of course! I'm all about free.

FIreball said...

Did you go to the one on post? They had REALLY nice people working when we went. :) LOL