Saturday, December 20, 2008

So Behind this Christmas

I have never been a fan of the commercial aspect of Christmas. I've never been all about decorating and spend huge amounts of money on stuff my kids don't need. That being said, it's been even harder this Christmas to get into it. I don't have a problem getting into or talking about the real meaning of CHRISTmas but to drag out a tree and shopping in the madness, well I could do without all that.

Here we are 5 days before Christmas and the only person that I have bought gifts for is Kevin. My kids are easy yet hard to shop for. They don't make these crazy lists asking for the insanely expensive gifts but this year they aren't asking for much of anything to be honest. And the couple things they do want, are small. We have done the three gifts like Jesus received and they are ok with that.

I have a plan in my head (ideas I've gotten off of other blogs) and I plan on putting it into action. I just have to actually go do it, lol.

I'm not being all bah humbug, I just have never been into the insanity that the holiday season brings out. We want to focus on what Christmas means to us and it's not counting how many gifts are under the tree or gluttony at the dinner table.

I better go shower and get dressed and go put my plan into action otherwise my kids will only have my love for Christmas (but that's enough, right?).

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