Sunday, December 07, 2008

Random Kevin Pics

I had to get some pics off my external hard drive and decided to look at some pics. These pics made me smile (and really miss my husband)

Kevin and his super find! (over 30 packages of superglue for the bargain price of 10 cents each!)

No, you don't get Kevin for the $149 price tag...he's mine and not for sale!
Shhh don't tell the kids it's daddy under that beard!
Sapper loves napping with her daddy
Awww, Daddy loves Sapper
Somewhere out in Death Valley
Sexy thing he is!
He has a fascination with taking pics of his shadow.


La Familia Torres-Balderas said...

LOL. Men are silly...yours especially. LOL. Erick doesn't stay behind, although he's more of a complete dork! hahaha.

Shamae said...

Great pics've got yourself a fine-looking soldier ;)