Wednesday, December 24, 2008

O' Christmas Tree!

Yes, I admit I have been a little bah-humbugish and it has taken a while but we finally got our tree up. The kids had a lot of fun getting it put together. As we were putting our tree up and getting all the ornaments on it, I realized that if anyone closely inspected it they would see we are a true Army family. One of our traditions is to buy a new ornament every year. They always end up being the Army/Military ones. I love looking back at them. I took pics of them and put them in a slideshow! Enjoy!

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FIreball said...

Where do you buy those?? I haven't seen any - of course I haven't been on post though... :) I LOVE those. I tried to find something for us since this was our first year. Next year I will know they at least exsist! lol