Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eye See!

Yesterday the boys all had their annual optometry appointments. Both Neil and Michael already wear glasses and Daniel wants them so bad. Daniel is still 20/20 so no glasses for him. Neil got to pick out some new frames and Michael is now in contacts! Good vision is so important but so costly too!!

You know mom can never behave or miss an opportunity to hear my boys giggles, so as we were filling out the paperwork, I had them answer the questions outloud to me.

Me: Daniel, do you have difficulty driving?
Daniel: (giggling) NOOOO! I'm only 7!

Me: Neil, have you been drinking beer?
Neil: (grinning from ear to ear) Moooooooom!!! NO! (giggle, giggle)

Me: Michael, I'm very serious because you know that you are a teenager and I have concerns. Are you doing drugs?
Michael: (giggling, he has the best giggle) NOOOOOO mom!
Me: Michael, have you been drinking after school when you tell me that you are staying after for band tutoring?
Michael: (still giggling) Mom, no, I don't drink!!!
Me: Well are you pregnant?
Michael: Nooooooooo (at this point he is laughing so hard and so is everyone else in the office).

I look at all the boys very seriously and tell them how glad I am for the opportunity to have these important talks with them once a year at the eye doctor!!
Neil checking out the frames.

Michael getting his contact training!
Looking good!
Daniel having his eyes checked!


FIreball said...

Haha - awesome pics. i can't believe he's got the contact thing down already.

J.R. and Michelle said...

everyone around your family must be amused wherever you go! LOL!