Monday, November 10, 2008

"What is the Best Part of Your Day?"

This question is part of our daily routine. We always try to focus on the positive things that happen in our days. Even though we all have trying days this is a good way to remember the little things. Some days it's hard for the kids to come up with one but the rule is they have to think of something, even if it's just that they had a good lunch. That is one they can only use if they absolutely cannot think of anything else (and really, that's not saying much because our school lunches are kinda icky!)

Anyway, tonight over dinner I threw out this question to the boys. They were so cute. Michael replied that Science or Language Arts was his fave part of his day but he couldn't tell me why, he just had fun in those classes. (I think it might have to do with the fact that his best friend is in the class with him and likes to write on his hand).

Neil said all day was his favorite because he got to meet a lot of people that served. He also got to do a VTC with another school that has no military affiliation and got to answer questions about what it is like being a military child. He also said it was cool that CSM Ciotola gave him a coin and that they have the same first name.

Daniel said his favorite part was when the three "old" Soldiers (they were all Vietnam and Korean War vets) came into his class and told them stories. He said he liked the one who had the same patch that his daddy wore. And he liked the one who told the story about his own daddy coming home from war and running and hugging him. Daniel said he told the "old" Soldiers that he ran into his daddy's arms too when he got home.

My favorite part of the day was picking them up, going to dinner, walking through Walgreen's, being silly in the car, singing crazy songs, kissing them in public, swatting them in the behind with a flyswatter, watching them press every single "try me" button on the toys in the store and being their mommy! All that equals to the precious few minutes I got to chat with Kevin on the computer.

Yes, the best part of the day is loving my family!♥

I had to take a pic of Michael and I since I got a pic of the other two boys with me earlier. (gosh I look tired, lol)The boys hanging out with the Colonel!

My Love♥A camel in Iraq that Kevin said could have eaten him if it had wanted to, lol

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