Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pedi Paws

I'm not usually a sucker for infomercials...I mean sometimes I'm terribly tempted but for the most part, I'm good about thinking something is cool and moving on. But I've seen the Pedi Paws a few times and have been so tempted to buy one to take care of Sapper's nails. Finally yesterday while at Walgreens (I LOVE that store), I caved and bought one. I cannot stand to cut my own kid's nails so you can imagine how much I enjoy trying to cut my dog's. Well let me tell you, this is definitely one of my favorite purchases!! It was so easy and she was not bothered at all! We did have to bribe her with treats at first but after that she was great. I will add this to my favorite things list for sure!!


The Millhouse Family said...

Always wondered about it! Cool thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

I agree, i love this product! I got my Pedi Paws from Harriet Carter.

Amy,Chuck,SabrinaKitty said...

Thats cool that really does work. I was thinking of getting one for Sabrina.