Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Joy of Webcams

Ok, so I am so blessed to be able to chat with my love online since he pays an outrageous amount for this luxury. Sometimes it's a bit annoying that during my limited time to chat with my love, we get interrupted by people stopping by his room. The other day we were chatting and he had his webcam on. Where he sits is right in front of his door so there I am chatting and suddenly the door pops open. It's kind of funny since we weren't voice chatting, just typing to one another to see the door fly open and a Soldier standing there. I asked him, holy cow, do they just whip open the door, what if you were naked!?!?! He laughs (well does the whole LOL) at me and tells me that they knock (well how am I supposed to know that?) So after waiting patiently while 1SG goes on and on and I'm just watching and creating my own dialogue for what they might be saying, I decide that if he is going to interrupt our chat time, I will punish him by putting him on our blog.Don't they look like they are having an interesting conversation, they aren't even looking at each other!

So finally he leaves and we resume our chat. Not even 5 minutes later, the door whips open again!! This time it's one of his Soldiers. Grrr...they stay engaged in a conversation for a good while and I'm just sitting here kind of doing my own thing. I decide to do a couple more screenshots!I imagine that SGT S. is telling my husband how sorry he is to interrupt his very important conversation he is having with his wife.Here, I am imagining that Kevin is saying, I'm going to countdown from 5 and you better let me get back to my beautiful wife!! (Or maybe he's trying out a new Spiderman impression?)

Anyway, it's part of the life and we'll live with it, I just find it funny. Webcams can be so entertaining, I'd rather be interrupted with images like this versus the one day Kev's roommate didn't realize we were chatting and started an impromptu strip tease right in front of me!!


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I love that you posted the pictures of them to call them out like that. Hahaha!