Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm Thankful For...#7

I am so thankful for technology. When I think back to what the wives had to endure during earlier wars, I know I am truly blessed. Families that served in World War I and World War II went months and years without hearing from their Soldiers. And often when they did, most of the letters were censored with black markers. To be able to chat with Kevin as often as I do is truly a blessing. We get to chat on the phone (not as often as some but enough for me). We get to chat online quite often. We can do a voice chat and/or see each other on the web cams. It's not the same as seeing him in person but it's enough to tide me and the boys over for a while.I am grateful for email and how easy it is to stay connected with friends. It doesn't replace letters or phone calls but it's a handy way to stay in touch. I love being able to reconnect with old friends through the Internet, that is amazing in itself.

Being an overprotective mom, I am grateful for cell phones. I can stay in touch with the kids when I need to no matter where they are.

If it weren't for the great technology of the Internet I could not bore you on a regular basis with my many random blogging entries!!

Technology when used properly is a wonderful thing, use it for good people!!!


Jess said...

roflmbo... Im glad the boys FINALLY slowed down for ya... =)

And just so you know.. I think your an amazing woman with an amazing family.. and I thoroughly enjoy reading your "boring blog entries".. its like watchin reality tv but way better.. =)

Hope you have a wonderful holiday Nadine....

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

OK I'm SO mean! I didn't even mention staying in touch with Frank! Sheesh. What a horrible wife I am! LOL

Dana said...