Sunday, October 26, 2008

TOFW - San Antonio Part 2

The adventure continues! Saturday morning we rolled out of bed at 6 a.m. I cannot believe how well I slept considering I NEVER sleep well in hotels but that bed was quite comfy. This was the first time in I don't know how long that I slept in a bed alone in a hotel. Anyway, after showering, we enjoyed a yummy breakfast that we ordered from Room Service (we were living large). We packed up our stuff, checked out and headed on over to the convention center so we could get decent seats for the days events. The day started off with Hilary Weeks, she was even better than the night before. The other presenters that day included Emily Watts, Chris Stewart, Carolyn Rasmus, S. Michael Wilcox & Jason Wright. They were all great and gave us some awesome lessons.

At the opening the presenters did acknowledge the military and I fo
und that very touching. I was impressed throughout the conference their gratitude and acknowledgement. It was endearing to me.

I thought about taking notes but I really wanted to just listen and enjoy their words. Emily Watts talks a lot about motherhood and she talked about motherh
ood guilt, she had us laughing, it was a lighthearted message. I honestly don't remember much about what S. Michael Wilcox talked about except he shared some messages about his childhood and how for years all of his teacher's wrote negative comments on his report cards. Finally in 5th grade his teacher wrote about his potential. It changed the course of his life. When people believe in you, you can believe in yourself.

I was very impressed with Chris Stewart who happens to be a
n Air Force veteran (you know I always latch on to them military folks). I really wanted to meet him and so during a break I approached and asked him for a pic so I could send it to Kevin. He pulled me out to the hallway and we started to chat. Almost before we started talking he told me that I was doing enough. If nothing else, that must have been the reason that I went to this conference. I have been struggling with how to show my husband that he is not alone and trying to uplifting him. I have not felt that I was doing enough of the right things so this simple message touched my heart so much. He went on to tell me about his own experiences of being away and telling me the comfort he found in other's prayers and fasting. He also expressed that his family prays for mine every night and that my husband will find peace in that. I feel so blessed for that talk and his words. I am humbled by his graciousness in taking the time to talk to me. Later I took him a notecard and asked if he would please write a message to Kevin. He did so over his lunch time and then found me afterwards and gave it to me.
During lunch we stumbled upon this great restaurant, I don't even know the name but it was rather upper class, it had this awesome buffet with really delicious desserts. I'm sure it's not classy to take pics with your dessert but oh well!
Why a pic of a sink handle? Because I couldn't figure out how to turn it on, lol
After lunch they did a question and answer section, and Chris Stewart happened to ans
wer the question I had written. I asked how I can express to my priesthood holder serving in Iraq that he is not alone and help him feel the Savior's love. I was again humbled and overwhelmed with emotion that he took the time to answer that question not only for me but others in the audience who may be feeling the same way. Chris was my hero for that day.

I also really enjoyed Jason Wright, I admit I had not heard of him before that day. He was so funny and had us all laughing a lot. His talk was on the lost art of the
handwritten letter. He went on to share letters that people had written him about how handwritten cards/letters had meant so much during different times in their lives. I love letters and feel blessed that Kevin has made such an effort to write me and I try hard to write him. I was inspired to write a quick note to Jason myself expressing how much his message meant to me. Ironically enough, checking my mail when I got home there was a handwritten card from Kevin.

Overall it was a great day and I came home feeling uplifted and re
charged. I can't wait for next year when I can hopefully go again and perhaps take my husband to the Time Out for Couples!

Thanks Dorshan and LaNita for taking care of my boys! I couldn't hav
e enjoyed this experience if I didn't have you to watch over my little men. Thanks so much!
Just a random shot of me, lol

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