Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Toadally Awesome!!

I know these pics aren't really clear because the toad is kind of camoflauged by the cover he is hanging out in...and he is literally hanging out there, lol. This morning as Neil and Daniel head out to the car I hear all sorts of excitement. I walk out the front door and they are both leaned over this cover exclaiming that a toad is stuck. I walk over to look and sure enough, there is Mr. Toad just hanging out. It was quite a sight to see. Here is the funny part, I have three boys and they are in so many way ALL boy...except when it comes to bugs and creepy crawly things. None of them like to deal with these types of things. I have never had to worry about weird slimey things invading my home because frankly the boys don't like that type of stuff. I'm sure this is my fault as I'm not a big fan of such things and make a big deal about it when I see some of them. But anyway...Mr. Toad is stuck. I considered leaving him there because well, I don't want to touch him anymore than the kids do. But I also didn't want to leave him there because I didn't want to come home to a dead toad. So the three of us are standing there contemplating what to do. I tell Neil, ok, we can't leave him there are you brave enough to try and get him out. I went for Neil because he is more sensitive about these things and I just knew that he would put his desire for the toad to be free over his fear of touching it. He tried to pull him out but the little bugger was stuck in there pretty tight. It didn't help that he was puffing himself out, making it harder. Neil pulled but was worried he'd break the toad. Hmmmm, what to do now? My neighbor pulls in his driveway after PT and as he steps out of his truck, I say, HEY!!! He is kind of startled...probably cuz I never talk to him, lol. I don't hate my neighbors, I just don't talk to them. Well anyway, he comes over and I tell him the dilemna. He looks at me kind of weird and says, let me go get a glove (wimp!!). So he starts to pull on the toad but the guy is in there pretty tight. He starts to get concerned that he will break him too! After a bit of pulling this way and that, finally Mr. Toad pops free!!!
Yay!! What an ugly looking thing he was...he just sat there for a moment, probably relishing in his freedom. My neighbor quickly runs to his garbage can and tosses his glove, lol.

Look at this hole that the toad got stuck in, what was he doing, hop, hop hooooooooop...lol. I don't know if he was under the hole or what but he sure got himself stuck and luckily the boys noticed him or he might have been fried toad by the time I got home today, lol


Amy said...

That grosses me out just looking at the pics! lol...and I'm eating lunch and bad things are happening in my mind. Ugh!

Totally agree on that little girl. How annoying! I would probably have had to go to the manager so he could make the confrontation instead of me, I'm no where brave enough!

J.R. and Michelle said...

Okay so I am wondering how in the world that poor toad got himself in that predicamint. My first guess is that it has to be a male toad. LOL! Way to go making sure he got rescued. I think it's funny about your neighbor that was obviously a little skiddish about the toad! LOL