Thursday, October 30, 2008

Grievances on a Thursday Morn

It's not even 9 a.m. and already I'm irked. I really do try to start each day off on a positive note.

What irked me this morning?

Well first off, dragging the pieces from our bunk beds we took apart almost a month ago back down to our curb. For some reason, bulk pickup has not happened. Even though I call and they assure me it happens weekly, do you think the stray pieces of varnished lumber in my yard is proof enough that it is NOT happening weekly??

My neighbors overflowing trash it really that hard to put the items in a trash bag? Do you think I should donate to their cause and give them a couple extra trash bags? I might as well since I seem to be filling one of my own picking up their excess trash that blows into my yard.

People who can't use their turn signals. Is this really that hard? I know I'm not the only one with this annoyance. I'm taking the kids to school this morning and I'm waiting to turn right, it's a school zone so the speed limit is turtle pace. I'm waiting for a car to go by so I can turn and right at the last minute it turns right, grrr, I could have went!!!

On the same traffic note, people who pull out in front of you then glare because you almost hit them. HELLO, do you not see the flow of traffic. I know, I know, wherever it is you have to be is surely more important than the safety of my kids and myself. Forgive me for my lack of courtesy (insert eye roll here).

The stroller pushing mama. So the grass is wet from the morning dew and my kids don't like walking on it. They prefer to walk on the sidewalk while going into the school (imagine that, walking on the sideWALK, have you ever heard of such a thing!). So I'm watching the boys walk in and this lady with a huge, all terrain stroller comes at them right down the middle of the sidewalk. The boys are walking, they move over to the right a bit and she turns her stroller towards them forcing them off the sidewalk (there was room for all of them). Come on lady, you have huge wheels, I'm sure if they touch the grass they will survive. I get out of my car and lean on the door and as she walks past me, I say..."does it make you feel good to force two boys off a sidewalk so early in the morning? Did you get your ego boost for the day?" She just kept on walking, crazy enough she pushed her huge baby buggy through the bumpy, dirt clumped hill I was parked on.

Yes, I think this may be a great day!!!

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