Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Miss My Lawnboy

One of the chores I detest most is mowing the lawn. Not because it's a man's job or cuz I get sweaty, mainly because we have a difficult front yard. We have this crazy, uneven hill on the side. And despite lots of money spent and time pulling, and mowing with a bag and all that we have these evil, evil weeds that won't go away (mainly cuz our neighbors were gracious enough to mow their lawn WITHOUT a bag on their mower and kindly shared their weed seeds with us). I quit, I don't own this house, I won't spend any more money on beautifying it.

Anyway, yesterday we went out to mow the lawn. I say "we" because I recruited my boys. A lot of people don't understand why I don't make the boys mow the lawn in the first place. Well the very front yard isn't a problem, but I'm not kidding, that side yard is killer and frankly, I'm a control freak. It's hard to push the mower up the hill so the kids start to go crooked and I lose patience. But I was proud of myself, I did let the boys help...I did the hardest part and they took care of the rest. I still need to weedeat because I cannot start our weedeater. Grrrrrrr, it is so frustrating. Apparently I'm not coordinated enough or something. And our edger is terrible, I need to get a new one. Perhaps one night this week I'll send the kids out with some scissors and a butterknife (carefully supervised of course!)

I really miss my husband today...and so does our lawn!
Our buddy who was upset we moved the basketball hoop. Ugly little fella, isn't he?
Neil mowing the little slope
Edging man
Michael is so determined!
Yeah, Daniel's not much help...he just likes to look the part!


Lost in a Secret Garden said...

I hear you on the perfectionism, though mine isn't the lawn as it is housework. I'm trying to get better in letting them do their housework with their own style without freaking out that it isn't done the way I want it done, but it's still an issue with me.

However, I'm allergic to the lawn so I have to take whatever I can get when it comes to lawns. Zac is, imo, almost ready to learn so I won't have to fight with Jamie as much about getting it done.

The Millhouse Family said...

I bet the kids missed their dad more. LOL That is so funny about Daniel. Trent is always "looking" the part. Although I have to admit he was having fun pulling weeds for me Saturday.

I love my lawnboy... he bags well and he rolls nicely. ;) LOL

Totally Army Mom said...

Dang! Your boys are too cute!!