Friday, September 26, 2008

I Just Miss Him

I just miss him...there was nothing big that happened, I'm not overly stressed, I just miss the man I love.

I miss his touch, I miss the sound of his laugh..I miss seeing his smile. I miss the way that he runs his fingers through my hair.

Sometimes I can hear my neighbor going into his house and for a sec I think it's Kevin coming in..and then realize it's not.

Writing this doesn't mean I'm falling apart, deeply depressed or anything crazy like that. It simply means I'm missing the man I love so much my heart aches.


Amy said...

I hope my husband and my love is as strong as yours is when we've been married as long as you guys!

I'd try to tell ya something that helped me but pretty much everything just made it worse for me. Hang in there!

Amy Johnson said...

I think my hubby's home too when I hear my neighbor pull up on his motorcycle! At least it's not permanent separation though, right?

The Millhouse Family said...

Amen!! :)

Lost in a Secret Garden said...

I've had many of those moments/days so I know what you mean. Hopefully he'll be able to call or something soon. Hugs and thinking of you.