Friday, September 19, 2008

100 Things Challenge Update

Items 17-24 : 7 pairs of pants that the boys either outgrew or chewed through (seriously you should have seen the holes) *I swear I just went through all their clothes, I have no clue how I overlooked these.

Items 25-26: Two pairs of shoes Neil outgrew that were lurking in his shoe closet

Items 27-28: Two very worn out book bags

Item 29: I will only count this as one item - but a very LARGE stack of old homework Neil had hiding in his cabinet

Items 30-38: DVD's we don't watch, they are being shipped to my mother

Items 39-44: 6 People Magazines I was saving for what?!?! I have no idea.

I need to try and take pics but when I decide it has to go, it has to go or it'll stay in my house!!


Bringhurst Family said...

I understand the People magazines... I can look at old issues over and over.

Lost in a Secret Garden said...

Wanna take a trip to sunny San Diego and help me filter through all our stuff? I'm amazed at how much we've accumulated since May. I'm not looking forward to moving out of here into our own place!