Friday, August 01, 2008

Patriot Guard

This morning I had a "moment". I stopped at the shoppette to grab some milk and as I pulled into my parking spot, I noticed in front of me a truck with a Patriot Guard sign. I immediately felt my heart swell. I admire and have such respect for all these volunteers. I get out of my truck and walk over to the lady who is pouring ice into a dog bowl for her companion. As I approach her, I say.."excuse me.." as she turns to me, I immediately choke up and I extend my hand, the words barely escaping my lips, "I just want to say thank you." I was taken back with the amount of emotion that crept up on me. She simply smiled and said, "oh darling, are you married to a servicemember or a servicemember yourself?". I can't even talk, I'm so choked up, finally I compose myself enough to respond, "yes, my husband is currently serving in Iraq." She says, "Thank YOU and your husband for your service.". As I shake her hand again, she notices the bracelet I'm wearing. A bracelet in memory of our friends Bryant and Jose, the bracelet I wear always. She looks at me and nods with understanding. I smile and walk away.

If you don't know who the Patriot Guard is, I ask you to take a moment and check out their website Patriot Guard. They are a wonderful organization and do so much to bring honor to our fallen heroes.

I know I got emotional because I also know why she was preparing her means another of our heroes has fallen.


J.R. and Michelle said...

Okay so I already knew what the patriot guard was, but had never been to their website. It hit me so hard seeing the list of confirmed rides along the right hand side. I am now in tears.

Dana said...

Our trip to Mt. Rushmore coincided with the Annual Sturgis Bike Rally. Needless to say, we saw quite a few Patriot Guard Patches, American Flag Patches and Unit patches on bikers. It's fantastic that there is so much patriotism and support for the military~