Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fort Fischer Aquarium

So last Friday we took the boys to Fort Fischer Aquarium near Wilmington. It was a pretty cool place to go. The boys got to see all sorts of ocean life up close and personal. There was a touch tank that gave the kids the opportunity to touch a Horsheshoe Crab, it looked quite icky to me so I left the touching to the kids. I did brave up enough to touch an amoeba which felt really weird.
The boys got to see such awesome things, the tanks were so cool, they got to get pretty close. At one point I thought Neil was going to jump a mile when a shark came right up to the glass.

After our adventure at the aquarium, we headed to the beach. It was the boys first experience at the ocean. I'd have to say they loved it. The water was gorgeous. Michael had fun collecting shells. Neil was brave and kept venturing futher and futher away. Daniel got knocked around a time or two. One wave knocked him over in a complete flip. They had so much fun. They experienced it so much that they took a bit of the beach home with them via their pockets. From playing in the water, sand filled every pocket and then some areas that will go unmentioned, lol.

Overall a fabulous time. Thanks for taking us on our first beach experience Lisa & Marlon!!!

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The Millhouse Family said...

I want to take my kids to the one in Cincinnati. Great pics.