Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wii, Purses and a Cell Phone with a Death Wish!

So today has been a productive day...I haven't accomplished anything grand, but things have gotten done.

I started off the day being rather lazy, I actually slept in today! Instead of getting up at 0545, I slept in until 7:15 a.m! That's progress, maybe someday I'll be able to nap!

Well, after bumming around the house for a bit, I made my way to our Rear D...we were lucky enough to hear about a Wii that a Soldier in the unit was selling. He wants a PS3 (is that right, I'm so not a gamer!) Well anyway, we got the game system for a GREAT deal...really, we got extra controllers, extra numchuck (how do you spell that?) Battery charger, control covers and 4 games. Pretty fab if you ask me! Sadly, the boys have not yet earned the right to actually set it up since they are cranky, not so nice little boys lately. They have bickered a lot with each other and have not been doing what I have told them to, so I am going to use the Wii as a bargaining far it's working great!

Daniel guarding the Wii (probably hoping that I'd feel pity and set it up..but I am Mean Mom, hear me Rooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr, lol)

Next topic...Purses!

I got myself a new purse and I LOVE it!!! I had it made by a local Army wife whom I told what I wanted and she created!!! I am so excited, I love the design and the fabric. The purse is actually made out of Kevin's ACU top, a lot of people get theirs made out of ACU fabric but I wanted to have something a bit more personal. The inside is patriotic (I strayed from the black, lol). I love it because it's newspaper clippings from WWII...LOVE that!
Anyway, she did a great job, and I am quite happy..check out her site HERE if you want to know more!

And the last topic for cell phone! Well I got a new one. A Sidekick, so I can text easier (yes, I'm special and can't text on a regular phone) Well I just got it today in the mail and I made the mistake of putting the back on before inserting the sim card. Well, now I can't the dang back off! It's mocking me, I just know it...I want to throw it on the ground and stomp it (I won't because that would be a costly temper tantrum!) Grrrrrrr, so if anyone has pity on me and wants to help me out..feel free to do so! Yes, I am pathetic but I get some points back for admitting it for all those who read this blog to see!

Oh...I have to add a random thought or as I was walking back from the "Zoo" house, I was annoyed that I had to walk around someone's trash can that was set on the sidewalk! Come on people...put it on the street like you're supposed to! The same people also parked their car on part of the sidewalk...I wanted to kick their trash can over...but I was a good girl and did not, I just complained about it and now wrote about it.

Ok, that's it for now! Until next time!


Dana said...

I LOVE the picture of Daniel. That's fantastic. Tresa and I used to joke about how we went to "Mean Mom Camp"....I guess you must have gone too!:)

Totally Army Mom said...

Poor Daniel!! LOL. I wouldn't set it up either, but not because I'm mean - I just don't know how! Besides, that why our kids have friends, huh? Kids just seem to be born with technical savvy these days. That has sure taken a lot of pressure off me to figure these things out.

(I have been accused of being a mean mom too. I believe us mean moms raise the best kids!!)

I guess our guys are living the primitive lifestyle for a few months. Living on MREs and no Air Conditioning? Wow. That is a little hard for me to deal with.
Is Kevin in this same place as Ben?

(Nay, You can edit this post if you don't want it up on your blog...)