Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Sexiest ACU Blob

I got to "see" Kevin on a VTC today. He was the sexiest ACU blob ever, lol. I am grateful for his Chain of Command who set it up so we could see him promoted. The picture was very grainy and pixeled, I could recognize Kevin mainly when he smiled cuz he has such a big, cheesy grin and I love it!

I am so proud of you baby. Remember, you had success long before they velcroed that new rank on you. I know you won't forget that it's the man who makes the rank, not the other way around!

And yes, I boohoo'd all the way. Starting at the gate when they wanted to do a random search. I became "that" Army wife who lost all control and cried. I was all embarrassed, hate how those emotions just creep up on you! Thanks to the very gracious gate guard who stopped the search and let me through to see my Soldier.

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