Saturday, July 26, 2008

No Haircuts...

The boys have decided that they do not want haircuts. Being around the Army for the past 15 years of my life, nice and cleancut = high fades for me. The boys have always had military haircuts since first snip of the scissors. When it starts to get too long it drives me crazy and I take them in for a cut. They have informed me they want their hair to grow out and I have decided to TRY and let them do that. I will tell you it is so hard. Since they had their hair cut so short, it kind of grows awkward and goes to a stage that reminds me of a koosh ball. They look so shaggy and unkept it gives me anxiety, but I am TRYING.

We'll see how long it goes before I can't take it anymore. We are at a month...any bets on how much longer I last??

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The Millhouse Family said...

YES!! My mom said that was the worst part about shaving their heads... was letting it grow out. Trent's was driving me crazy. haha