Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shot Drama!

So had to take Neil in to have his chicken pox vaccine updated (no comments please on why you don't vaccinate or why I should, start your own blog if you want to go there). Anyway, starting early this morning I started to talk to him to prep him because he tends to be anxious about such things as needles. Up until we get to the doctor's office, he understand that we are getting him a shot. We waited in the doctor's office for a bit and he was fine. The nurse came in and talked to us and got him all prepped, he was still fine. The nurse pulls the needle out and Neil FREAKS! He starts yelling that he doesn't want a shot and he's pulling away from her. I try to go and help him understand that it won't be so bad and he's yelling at me that he doesn't want a shot. I try to reason with him, I stay calm telling him that I too had a shot and I don't like needles but it wasn't so bad (I had to update my tetanus today). We try to tell him it's not going to be so bad, but he continues to yell at us that he does not want the shot. I try holding him down but goodness is that kid strong. Finally I'm like, look you need to get this shot, all the shouting in the world isn't going to get you out of this shot. He takes a deep breath and repeats after me, "I am going to get this shot". The nurse goes to stick him again and he is screaming. At this point I am seriously cracking up because it was kind of funny, the nurse couldn't believe the fuss he was making. Ten years old and he was just plain acting crazy. Finally, we lay him down and I have to hold him down and he is screaming at the top of his lungs..the nurse puts the needle in his arm and he suddenly stops in mid-scream and starts cracking up. He realizes that it wasn't so bad. I am totally cracking up at this point and so is the nurse. Neil says.."I feel silly".

When we walked out of the room, nurses and other patients were staring at us, I mean who could blame them, the kid shouted like we were killing him.

The funny part to me is that I was like that as a kid. It always took a few nurses, my mom and the doctor to give me a shot. I still dislike needles and avoid them every chance I get. I giggle because I had flashbacks to my childhood. All I can say is...sorry mom!


Jill said...

Wow - I am so glad Neil made it through! I too can relate - I have never liked shots and it took several people to hold me down too. My daughter freaks out about them also.

Barton 6 said...

You know Kaleb is just the opposite. I'm not sure what is more concerning, the fit thrower, or the one who ASK for shots and IVs. Kaleb LOVES a good emergency room trip. Heck any medical procedure, sign that boy up! If I'm getting blood drawn he likes to give me a play by play synopsis of what is happening. We joke that he is either going to be a doctor or a serial killer.

Jason & Dorshan said...

ROFL... yah, I had to be duck-taped... so I can relate to the drama. I am sorry - to this day I do ok with shots... but IVs - those are another story. I start crying as soon as I see it. It is like I can feel the metal under my skin before it is there. Gives me chills just typing it. LOL