Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pirates in the Park

Gunner Den - 2008

So this last week I volunteered at our District's Cub Scout Day Camp. It was a long, hot week but I did have fun. My co-leader and I had 15 nine and ten year olds that we were in charge of for the week. Let me tell you how tiring that was. I often wondered if some of the boys got tired of hearing their name, I can tell you I certainly got tired of saying it over and over.
We had some fun events, we did water balloon cannons, the boys loved that. Plus we had archery, orienteering, a Pirate's waterslide and different sports. We had a few crafts that the boys had a hard time with, the wind didn't help much with that.
Overall the week was fun, we sang a lot of songs and put together a skit that the boys performed well. Neil was in my den and that was nice, though he mostly pretended I wasn't his mom, lol.

The most interesting points of this week..

*We were told by one parent that their son told them we were mean and bossy (I thought that was the point of being an adult?!?)

*I was proud of Neil for not punching another kid who continually antagonized him thoughout the week

*Somehow on me sunscreen attracts a sunburn rather than prevents it
*Boys can eat lots of pizza and cookies and still play soccer without puking

*There were a lot of the 9 & 10 year olds who were taller than me! (scary, huh?)

*Over half our den had daddy's who were deployed :(
*The boys enjoyed hitting me with their water balloons on the last day during their "hand-to-hand" combat (maybe that was revenge for being mean and bossy).

*Usually by the end of the week I swear I won't volunteer as a Walking Den Leader again...but the day after camp, I'm wondering what the theme for next year will be!
"Yo Ho Yo Ho, a Gunner's Life for Me!"
*One more interesting fact, Kevin has never been here during Day Camp...ever...blah!

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The Millhouse Family said...

YOU MADE IT!! :) Now you can just deal with your little men. haha Did I just hear a "praise jesus!"?? LOL