Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day 2008

Kevin with the boys the day before he left.

It's Father's Day and the Father in our home is gone...again. I honestly can't remember the last Father's Day we got to spend with him. We miss him. The week hasn't gone so bad. But today I longed for him. I didn't go to church..bad I know. I just couldn't go and hear about fathers. I knew I'd cry and I just wanted to be home with my boys. We've heard from him for 5 minutes by phone a couple days ago (I am very grateful for that phone call). And this morning I woke up to a short email from him.

I'm in a weird position. We miss him but because he is gone so much, I almost can't feel the void. I feel guilty for that. I also know that right know he is in a rather "safe" place and that gives us that "security" we need to get through each and every day. I'm sure that when he reaches his final destination, the feelings will be different. I'm just biding my time for now and being grateful for the peace and comfort I have today.

Kevin, Happy Father's Day! I am so grateful for the wonderful example you are to our boys on how a father should be. I couldn't ask for a better partner in raising these boys, I know if they follow your lead, someday they will make three women, amazing husbands. I love you and miss you!

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Amanda Panda said...

I can understand what you said about not feeling the void. I have had some guilty feelings because we are used to Aaron being away. Like if I don't hear from him for a few days, life goes on, whereas in the beginning of our marriage I was a little like Roxie. (not as bad though, lol)

I am glad you have heard from him!