Saturday, June 21, 2008

The BEE Movie & a Few Misc Pics

Last night I took the boys to the "movie in the park". Yes, we already own the DVD but it's fun to go and sit in the grass and watch the movie on a big inflatable screen. We had a picnic dinner of KFC and some miscellaneous snacks. We got there SUPER early. We were the first ones there but I am so glad we were because last night was the largest crowd ever. People were crammed in every nook and cranny. We were very selfish with our space, I am glad we were, we weren't crowded. Crowding would have been terrible for me and Neil.

Our friend Polly and Luke joined us and we had a great time. They had a bounce house, tattoos and freebies. Beach balls were flying all over the place. I'm always amazed at how many people there are and yet it's quieter than movie theaters! Well we did have some really loud people behind us but after a few glares, they shut up!The "big" screen

The boys with the "bee"

Dang these bubbles are hard to open!
but once they are, they sure are fun!so serious about coloring!

Earlier this week I attended a seminar presented by Army Wife Talk Radio. It was called Field Exercises and it basically gave a lot of information on how to cope with military life. It was good info. It is really good information for new spouses. It was a lot of fun, the first pics below are pics of our table centerpiece and the cool dog tag cookies we got.

The boys, well two of them asked me if they could sleep Daniel brought daddy's woobie and crashed. Michael slept in the chair, I don't even imagine that to be comfortable but he slept well! Neil is like me and must sleep in his own bed. Sapper decided that if Daniel wasn't going to sleep in his own bed, she would gladly take over, lol.

This is my new bear, isn't it cute?


Amy said...

Looks like you all had fun at the movie! How do you find out about all these different "events?" I am pretty clueless when it comes to post activities. the chair doesn't look like it's too uncomfortable! lol

Amy said...

looks like you guys had fun at the movie! How do you find out about the post events? I'm pretty clueless when it comes to that stuff. The chair doesn't look too bad! lol

Jason & Dorshan said...

Movie in the park!! So that was your plan for Friday night. My neighbor invited us to go to that too. :) Looks like it was fun. I AM SO MAD I completely forgot about the Talk Radio thingy this past week. I wanted to go with you!!! Oh well, looks like you had fun. The cookie was cute. My kids slept with me last night. Um, now I remember why I normally say no... my back was hurting SO bad today. The little sleep gave me little patience. I LOVE THE BEAR!!!!! Did you make that??

J.R. and Michelle said...

Okay so that recliner does not look like I could sleep in it, especially not laid back! Glad the boys had fun. How sweet that daddy's woobie was brought into the fun! I love your bear!! Way cute! It looks like you guys had fun at the "Movie at the park" thing too!

LaNita said...

A 1CD bear?! LOL You are moving to the Dark Side! Mu-ah-ha-ha!