Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blood Warrior

Yesterday the boys came home with a letter talking about a Blood Drive at their school. I haven't been able to donate blood for a long time because I'm always fighting anemia. My last blood tests have shown me to be doing good in that department so I mentioned to Kevin that we should go participate today. Nita came in to attend a class I was teaching and she was sifting through her pile of newspaper clippings and showed me one mentioning a Blood Drive that was going to happen on the 29th of May and she asked if I wanted to participate. I asked her if she wanted to do it today and if so, we could go to the boy's school. So off the three of went.

I admit that I am a scaredy cat when it comes to needles (I know there's no rationale in that as I have tattoos and I had piercings, but I always get nervous). Going through the triage process, I started to get nervous but it really helped to have Kevin and Nita there with me. By the way, the finger prick for the iron check hurt worse then the needle to start the blood draw! The Soldiers and civilians doing the blood drive were fantastic. I'm sure the people in there thought we were crazy because of course we were just being our normal, silly selves.

As Nita and I were going through the blood draw process, the phlebotomist and a teacher were talking about where our blood was headed. Within 36 hours our blood will be helping our Soldiers in Iraq. I cannot even begin to express the humbling yet honorable feeling I had hearing that. While I don't like to think about why our blood is needed, it's good to know that I'm helping in some small way. There are so many people who want to help our Soldiers and their families, well I can't think of a better way than to help preserve life. And while the task of donating blood can be daunting, it's truly an honorable act of charity. To help those who help us, well, what better way of saying Thank You for our Freedom?

I am grateful for the opportunity. I plan on making this a routine act of service and I encourage everyone who reads my blog to do their part in helping your communities and your country.
To find out if you're eligible and also, to find our where you can donate blood CLICK HERE

The glass says My Pint Gives Troops a Fighting Chance

Oh and a bit of Red Cross Trivia today courtesy of Nita.

On this day in 1881, Clara Barton and others organized the American Red Cross!


Jason & Dorshan said...

Woohoo!! You go guys! Christmas was when I was hoping to give, but because we were on fertility and trying to conceive they wouldn't let me. hahaha! Now I for sure can't. I love giving blood... so at least this Christmas I will be able to give. I love the tee-shirts....

Michelle said...

As some one who has had to have a blood transfusion (not in a war enviornment), I know how important it is for people to donate blood. So thank all of you for going out and doing that. Like you said there is no greater way to say thank you.

Kirema said...

I've given last month...Doesn't feel good to know U might save or help someone whom Protects us...Keep on doing Great work w/the great smile.

Bringhurst Family said...

My Dad is such a dedicated blood giver and has given so much blood his veins are scared. They suggested he not come back. That sums up my Dad.