Thursday, April 03, 2008

Working Out

So I've decided that I am tired of being out of shape. I know that I'll never reach the size of weight pre-kids and pre-laziness. But I would like to be comfortable in my skin again. I always have good intentions to work out, eat better, and spend less time in front of the computer. Well, good intentions only get you so far.

Starting on Monday, I went for a run. I don't know why I always think that if I start off running, it will show me that I'm not horribly out of shape. I should start off slowly and walk and work up to a run but no I always go for a run and then I'm terribly sore for a few days. I do like that while I don't have a fast pace, I can run for almost 2 miles without collapsing on the track.

So I ran on Monday and on Tuesday, had to take a break yesterday because I had a busy schedule (that's another downfall of mine, I do good and then have a busy day and just ignore a work out altogether). Well today I walked the boys to school and then went and walked the track. I'm sure the unit that was doing PT out there thought I was crazy because, I had the iPod going and I have zero shame in rocking out with the tunes. I'm sure they loved my rendition of Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes and Al Green's Lean on Me, lol. I don't really care, my music keeps me moving and it helps me control my breathing which I'm terrible at when working out. Maybe the Army does know something about the cadences they used to force us to sing. I always hated calling cadence because I felt that they were asking way too much of a want me to run, breathe AND sing!?!?!

So there you go, I'm putting it out there for the world to see..maybe it will help me with accountability (I doubt it since I rarely answer to anyone in any realm of my life) but perhaps I can fool myself into thinking someone cares and is watching me!


Bringhurst Family said...

Keep it up girl. Exercise always gives me energy and burns off some steam. But my body is too old and doesn't hold up to running very well. Don't hurt yourself =)

Barton 6 said...

I was working out for 2 hours a day until the end of October. It is truly amazing how much a body can deteriorate in 5 months. So I am walking, doing yoga, and lifting weights again. Should you ever need a local walking buddy I'm your gal. :-)Please note I did say "WALKING BUDDY." I love running but I'm too overweight right now and my brain would explode.

Oh and making your blog private is a pain. Which is why I made mine private and haven't posted a darn thing since. I'm too lazy to do all the invites. Isn't that sad?

Jason & Dorshan said...

Well, glad I was able to distract you from your goal this week by going out. :) Jealous about the two miles. I haven't done anything for 11 weeks and I am sick of it. Jason is home tomorrow so we are going to walk the old walk. 8 miles is my goal... hopefully I won't have to pee!! If I do - I am stopping by your place. hehe Keep up the good work!! Love yah