Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dirty Boys, Dirty Clothes

What is it with boys...(ok, girls may do it too but since I don't have any, I can't really say)? I get so aggravated at my boys because they do not like to change their clothes or if they do they want to pull a shirt or a pair of pants out of the dirty laundry. Why is this??? It's not like they don't have clean clothes in their drawers or on their shelves. I don't think it requires much more energy to pull a shirt out of a drawer then it does to sift through dirty laundry (which grosses me out btw!)

The two youngest attend a school with a dress code so it's a lot of the same style and color of clothes so I don't always notice until the last minute that they may have worn that exact same shirt the day before. I don't want to have to turn back the hands of time and be the mommy that sets out their clothes for them, they are old enough to do this themselves. And just as a sidenote..I'm a mean mommy and even if I notice that they are wearing a dirty shirt, I won't turn the car around. It annoys me to the point that I want to scream but so be it (their teachers probably think I'm a terrible mom and never wash my kid's clothes..haha, if only that were true). I suppose if it doesn't bother them, then it shouldn't bother me (isn't that what Jim Fay would say from Love and Logic parenting?).

Also on the topic of clothes...what is it with boys and holey knees in their pants. I swear my children must get hungry and knaw at the pants. I can buy them a new pair of pants today and by noon tomorrow they'll have holes in the knees. I buy the so called reinforced pants from Old Navy...but they are not durable enough for the Albrecht boys. This is strike two in terrible mommyhood because as long as they are clean and not torn from the knee to the ankle, on the bottom half of my boys they go. I cannot afford to buy new pants every single week for 3 boys. Can't I just go with the current fashion of holey knees..I mean I have bought jeans already worn out before..can't the schools just accept that this IS fashionable?

*Sigh*, well that is my rant for today, I'm off to do more would think the fact that there is less material in the pants due to all the holes, the amount of laundry would be less, no?


WolfleyFamily said...

I'm laughing as I'm reading your post because I can relate so much!!! Btw, Chase can't seem to own any pants without getting holes really quickly, too. I've started buying denim patches that I put on inside his pants to reinforce the knees. As for Kaitlyn, laundry is a bit opposite as your situation. She will change clothes like 5 times per day - and put them all in the laundry!! Drives me crazy - they'll be totally clean and she throws them in.

The other me said...

Seth is terrible for dragging his shirts out of the wash, I sawer the kid likes stink! It drives me nuts as well!
I love the summer when they can wear shirts and just get sciffy knees, at least skin regenerates!
Who'd have boys?? ( ME!!!!!)