Friday, March 28, 2008


So I have a lot of thoughts going through my head so I'll be bouncing from one topic to the next and none really relate to one another, hence the name of this blog entry.

This morning as I was attacking my laundry, I was flipping through the channels and came across a TV show that seemed interesting. It was called Trading Spouses. The two moms were switched out and one was a God-fearing Christian while the other was Unitarian. I won't go into explaining the whole concept of the show but I wanted to make mention of what made me crack up. I found it extremely hilarious (and quite sad actually) that the Christian woman went on and on about how she was being forced into the darkside and she was crazy hysterical yelling all sorts of nonsense rebuking everything in the name of Jesus Christ. Here was the kicker, she'd be going on and on about how she was a Spiritual Warrior, how she was a Christian and all this other stuff but there she was cursing like a Sailor and being so close-minded and judgemental. I just thought it was quite shameful at the kind of example she was. I did sadly (and I know I'm wrong) laugh at the woman being hysterical..but it was laughter out of disbelief at how disconnected the woman truly was.

Just a note, this blogger is Christian and I admit all my flaws and do not claim to be perfect in anyway and realize I do need to repent for writing about the crazy woman and judging her.

Ok, my second RaNdOm thought of the day. Tonight for dinner I took the boys to IHOP. I admit to being lazy and wanting out of my house away from the psychotic pile of laundry that I have been trying to tame all day. So we place our order and the two younger boys order this insane drink called..well honestly I dont' remember what it was called but it was Sprite with chunks of jello in it (GROSS). It was themed after the movie Horton Hears a Who. Well anyway, lately all three of the boys have a hard time getting along. It really doesn't matter what they are doing, a fight usually breaks out. Sometimes it's physical, sometimes it's loud words, sometimes it's dirty looks. Well today it involved an argument over the activity page on the back of the menu. They were playing a dot game and a few seconds later it involved shoving of crayons off the page resulting in spilled soda and jello chunks on the table. I didn't yell at them but I was very displeased and made them clean it up and told them they could not have a refill, that they must have water with their meal. Next thing I know, some lady from a couple tables over says to me, you know it's not really a big deal, I don't think you should punish them like that, let them have the fun drink, after all they are just kids. Well first's none of your dang business. Secondly, you have no say in what I do with my kids. And thirdly, I have gone from displeased with my children to pissed off at the nosey lady a few tables over. I never understand people who feel they have the right to say anything to parents who are trying to discipline their children. I understand we may have been a distraction (we weren't really since we were not loud or anything) but seriously what gives her the right to say anything to me? I told her to mind her own business and if she wanted an opinion on how to raise children, get some of her own.

So I want to say to people who think they might have good intentions, do not try and undermine parents who are trying to discipline their children in a public setting. And if you do happen to feel the need to do so, please make sure it's not me you're talking to!

Just so everyone does not think today has been totally negative..I have some positive things to blog about.

Michael got 100 out of 100 points on his Science Fair Project! Go Michael! He did a fabulous job and I got a great email from his teacher bragging on his project!

Neil didn't do so well on his CBA's because he second guessed himself and changed his answers BUT the good news in this is that he did not beat himself up over it. This is a HUGE step for him and I am proud of him either way because he has made A/B Honor Roll yet again! Go Neil!

Daniel scored the highest on their Math CBA in his class. He was very happy with himself! So go Daniel!

Well now I must end this blog because my children are doing something upstairs that sounds like they could come through the ceiling at any moment!

Have a great day!


Amanda Panda said...

have tons of parenting advice for you! Just kidding! Really I would be in no position to offer anyone advice, lol. Good for you for telling the lady to MYOB.

Jason & Dorshan said...

OH my goodness... if it was a re-run of Trading Spouses... I ALMOST DIED with laughter and disgust with that god-fearing woman. hahaha It was un-real how hateful she was in the name of the Christ. hahaha Anyway, it was really an embarrassment to the whole Christian faith... of course, I guess she may have an extremist following.

As for the lady - HOLY COW... Was it a grandma aged lady? I would have said - great - and we'll put those drinks on your tab? Cause I sure as HECK don't feel like paying extra for poor behavior. ROLLING EYES... So glad you told her to mind her own. The ONLY time I have ever said something was at the store and this mother was literally smacking her kid - spanking - and screaming at him... the kid look no older than one. She had been so mean to him - he was fussy and kept telling him to "shut up" and then she just lost it. All I said as she was beating him away "Do you need any help?" hahahaha She stopped and the kid could barely breathe. I said - one of those days? and she said "yes, he has been a little **it all day" and I said - "yah, it's hard when it is nap time and you need to run to the store. They are so little... I used to bring a snack for them during nap time so they had something to do" and I just rubbed the little guys head. I didn't know if she'd be mad, I just couldn't stand watching that much yelling and hitting... several people in the isle were all looking at her. Anyway... at least for the moment it took the edge off.

Jill said...

Big Hugs to you, hope you tamed the laundry - I too have seen trading spouses (2nd best to Wife Swap - last week was a preppy mom & a Carnie Mom)talk about extreme.....and FYI that drink at IHOP is disgusting - it's called the Beezlenut Splash...(blech).