Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Albrecht's Go Camping...

So after a very long and trying day..the boys and I headed camping. I'm not really a camper..I swore when I got out of the Army that I'd never sleep outdoors again! Well, that wasn't a logical statement given the fact that we have three boys and we happen to be very involved in Scouting. We had a pretty good time. We headed out there after our Pinewood Derby (no pics since I'm not into posting pics of kids who I didn't give birth to.) We got there and got our tent set up. Thankfully we had help because I admit I'm used to GP mediums which I was very good at putting up..but we got our home away from home set up!
After that we got our dinner started...we roasted hot dogs over the open fire...sadly Daniel kept losing his...grrrrrrr, finally mom cooked it for him! He was very animated about it...saying, "I didn't see that coming!" So cute! We also enjoyed S'mores...can't have a campout without them! We were also put on the spot and had to do a skit or song...I braved a solo and sang This Little Light of Mine.

After a bit of chitchatting with the other adults I decided to go to bed otherwise the kids might have stayed up forever...I was rewarded with Neil saying, "it's funner to go camping with you cuz daddy stays up late talking to other adults." I will say that before I go camping again I am investing in an air mattress...and I also plan on making sure we really are on level ground (like Bro H says, he must have a skewed perspective on life). We kept sliding towards the front of the tent all night. Overall it wasn't too bad!
Neil was knocked out!

That's all of Daniel I could see!
Daniel said he needed to take a pic of me first thing this I'm braving it and posting the awful first morning pic after a night of nice!

No pic of Michael, he slept in a different tent with another Boy Scout.

Making breakfast...LOVE these Shake N Pour containers!
Michael making pancakes too!
Neil was the flag for our ceremony!

I love that on certain parts of Fort Hood, cattle roam freely! (I just had an evil thought I will keep to myself!)

We were in the car about 10 minutes when Daniel crashed!

Mommy came home and crashed fact this mommy is still very tired and sore!

The boys want to go camping when daddy gets back. Wonder how he slept last night...hmmm


Jason & Dorshan said...

MAN!! Thanks for the rundown on the Gold Star families. I would see it and think "I have to look that up!" hahaha The camping pics were great! Looks like you all had so much fun. In the end - I am sure you were glad you have those memories with da boyz! ;) See you tomorrow.


Hmmm... cattle do not roam freely on Ft. Hood. There are fences and little bridges that control where they can and cannot go.

details details details- lol