Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Misc Update

Well it's been a couple week since I've blogged. Life has seemed busy but then I look back and wonder what we've been doing, lol.

Well first, just over a week ago, Neil fractured his thumb. He is now in a small cast for 3 weeks. The first cast for any of the Albrecht boys...not bad considering we have a 6, 10 and 11 year old. It doesn't seem to bother him any and his brothers have been quite helpful and thoughtful.

Michael continues to work hard in Scouting and should be going through his board of review for his next rank which will be Second Class, if the weather would cooperate, he could get his last campout done and earn his First Class. Michael also performed at a Solo & Ensemble Clinic a couple weeks ago. He did very well and his judge commented on a job well done on "a very difficult instrument". He got a I rating...I being the highest. We are so proud of how well he is doing and his enthusiasm about it.

Neil is doing extremely well, I had his latest ARD (Admission, Review & Dismissal) of his IEP (Individual Education Program)...well his is pretty much up to date with his classmates. Further in some areas. He is still classified with a learning disability in the reading comprehension area so he will continue to receive support for that but next year he will be mainstreamed at grade level! Yay, Neil! Neil is now a Webelo! He earned his Bear rank and is now working toward his Arrow of Light and Webelo badge!

Daniel...oh my sweet precious Daniel. Everyone tells me that he is a normal 6 year old. For some reason he is fascinated with playing in the bathroom at school with the other boys in his class. He is constantly getting notes sent home for this. He also gets in trouble for other things, he is not a bad child, just bored or something. Seriously, normal tires me, LOL.

I have decided to take a more active role in our FRG, I'll keep everyone posted on how that goes. We are headed into deployment mode. We are less then 4 months out before Kevin heads out...throw in a JRTC rotation and that leaves us without a lot of time. I don't focus too much on it, but it is there in the back of my mind. As we plan for the future months, my heart sinks thinking about the things he will miss. Daniel keeps mentioning that he will be gone for his birthday....again...Daniel has not had many birthdays that Daddy has actually been here for and it weighs heavy on his mind.

Cub Scout keeps me busy...I love the Cub Scout program and am so happy to be a part of it. I truly care deeply for all the little boys who make up our pack. I love the diversity and the challenges they bring...I pray that I can do them justice in my efforts to keep the pack progressing. I'm excited about the incentive program I will be implementing soon...I think all the boys will have a good time with it!
Oh and I got new highlights...depending on the light is how strong the red stands out...

Kevin...have I mentioned lately, how blessed I am to be married to this great man. He is truly selfess and supportive. He puts up with my nonsense, my crazy antics, my moods...he probably deserves better but I am grateful he sticks around. On Valentine's Day I went to his unit to deliver Valentine goodies and gave him his annual crazy gorilla and silly balloons. I love that he appreciates my silliness.

Well that's enough rambling for now...I have a few interesting blogs writing themselves in my head, perhaps they will get posted soon!


Jason & Dorshan said...

Too fun!! Love the pictures and the hair. Four months... me too! Fun stuff. Still need to the do the class I keep placing it in the back of my to-do-list. :) The cast look WAY COOL... do I get to sign it. hehehe I remembered when Trent broke his leg.

Shamae said...

You guys have been busy!!! It looks like you guys are having a good time. I love your hair!

Mom2-4 said...

Oh my how the boys have grown. It just doesn't seem at all possible. I am sorry to hear that Neil fractured his thumb. We have been through casts on all 4 of mine. LOL. My dainty delicate little girls all had a cast or splint of some kind. Daniel sounds a lot like Chase. He is so bored with school. I sure hope I won't have to fight with him all the way through. It sure isn't much fun. Your hair looks cool. Keith was looking at my hair yesterday and told me I had way to much grey. UGH. I can't seem to find anything that will cover it and keep it covered. I don't like dying it but I don't like seeing grey either.

You take care.
Lots of love and hugs to you and your family.