Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Reflecting on 2007, Bringing in 2008

As we look back at 2007, there's no need to complain. We were blessed to have a relatively quiet, yet good year. Kevin was stateside all of 2007. He wasn't actually home with us all year but he was out of harm's way and for that we are grateful. 2007 brought change...the Army is all about change but it was hard to leave our old unit and transition into a new one. We continue with that transition even now. We do know that we are where we are supposed to be and continue to have faith that the answer as to WHY we are there will be revealed at some point.

2007 also brought changes for our children...the biggest being that our oldest is now a middle schooler...where does the time go? Wasn't he just in diapers? That was a bit hard for mom to accept but the fact is that he is getting older. Each child comes with challenges and we have worked hard in overcoming many of them.

I have rejoined the Army Family Team Building ranks and am thoroughly enjoying it. I have taken a step back in other activities and focusing more on the family and me. I continue to work with the Cub Scout program, currently serving as Cubmaster. Kevin is serving as assistant 11 year old Scout leader. So it's obvious that Scouting is a big part of our family.

What does 2008 to the Albrecht family? Well sadly on the forefront of our minds is the impending deployment. Sometime this summer we will bid farewell for 15 months to the head of this household. It's hard not to focus on that...6 months seems like far away, sadly time never flies this fast when they are actually gone, only when you're wishing it would slowdown to delay the goodbye.

Over dinner we each talked about the things we hope for in 2008.

Kevin - to be a lose 5 lbs and get in better shape; to be a good example to our boys.

Nadine - to get healthier and exercise more...be a better wife and mommy (though God Bless the men in my life, they say I'm already awesome!)

Michael - to get better at soccer and make it to 7th grade

Neil - to get better at football

Daniel - to get better at baseball and get to 2nd grade!

During the last deployment we grew a lot as a family. A lot of the things we learned, we have already applied to our daily lives. We hope in the new year to continue to live these lessons. The main one is to focus on today...not to live in the past and not to worry about the future but to live for today because we aren't promised tomorrow. It really is all about the simple things.

To all of our family and friends...we love you and wish you all a wonderful 2008, may you all get all that you desire and from whatever life throws at you, may you learn and grow!

With love always,
The Albrecht Squad!


Jared & Madelyn said...

Happy New Year!!!

Celeste J. said...

What a wonderful post! Wishing you and your family lots of love, happiness, and good memories in 2008. Happy New Year!

Shamae said...

That was a beautiful post Nadine. Very heartfelt. I liked your words on living for today. Although that is sometimes hard to do, it is great to be reminded of its importance. I wish your family a very happy, safe 2008. We will keep your family, especially Kevin in our prayers. What a special and neat family you have.

momintx said...

I loved that post. Cool blog girl!