Monday, October 01, 2007

New Rims

So last Friday I took the boys in to get their eyes checked. The needs glasses, one might need glasses, and one will probably need them within the year. Oh joy! Not that this is a shock considering the fact that Kevin and I both wear/wore glasses. (Not Kevin anymore since he had the lovely PRK surgery.)

Neil is the lucky child who gets to wear glasses. Daniel was very upset that he doesn't have to and kept telling me over and over that he wanted glasses, lol. Michael has to go back in a couple weeks for a more extensive exam to find out what he needs.

Here is our handsome boy with his new rims..


Amanda Panda said...

Oh he looks good in his glasses!! LOL, about Daniel wanting glasses too.

momintx said...

What a good looking cool boy! Love the glasses, you look great in them.